April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

The pinwheel serves as the national symbol for child abuse prevention.  It is a reflection of hope, health and safety – what we all desire for children throughout Lamar & Red River Counties and beyond.

Children and families impacted by abuse are not alone. For over 20 years they have been seen and heard by our 15 multi-disciplinary team partner agencies dedicated to protecting children across the state of Texas. These professionals jointly investigate and prosecute child abuse cases while supporting 4000 children and their families with services and healing through the children’s advocacy center.

Our team is committed to addressing the complex issue of child abuse in Texas. But we can’t do it alone; it takes all of us. From knowing the signs and symptoms of abuse, to having courageous conversations about this issue with adults and children in your life, everyone can join our collective effort to protect children in our community.

We plant these pinwheels in recognition of the 290 children served by the CAC in 2020 and demonstrate our HOPE that they will find healing and new beginnings.

290 pinwheels for 290 children.  Their colors represent the type of abuse: 153 Red- Sexual Abuse, 49 Blue- Physical Abuse, 43 Purple-Child Witness, 15 Green- Drug Endangered Children, and 30 Orange- Neglect.

These pinwheels represent just a small percent who have been victims of abuse.  We know that 1 in 5 kids will be the victim of some type of sexual abuse before they reach adulthood. We also know that only 1 in 10 will tell.  

These pinwheels represent HOPE for child abuse victims as they come out of the darkest moments of their lives.  These pinwheels also represent HOPE in a brighter future for these children- one that is carefree and safe.