2018 April Child Abuse Prevention Month shirt order formYou’ll notice that along with the regular style t-shirt we have two softer style t-shirts available, including a baseball tee.  All shirts are unisex.  No shirts will be ordered without payment.  Orders will be taken through April 27th.  Contact our office at 903-784-5787 for more information on how to order.

Friday, April 6th; 10am – Pinwheel Garden Planting
Join us in honor of the children served by the center in 2017.  We invite everyone to attend and help us plant pinwheels.  The pinwheels will remain on display throughout the month of April.  The pinwheel serves as a reminder of a happy, safe and carefree childhood, one that every child deserves.  The Pinwheel Garden planting will take the place of our annual Hope Floats Balloon Release.

Wednesday, April 11th – Walk of Hope
Join the Lamar County Victims of Crime Council in the annual Walk of Hope.  Hot dogs will be served starting at 11:30am, program starts at noon on the plaza.

Sunday, April 29th – Blue Sunday
Invite your faith community to get involved by asking your faith leader to share a statistic or story during the service.


Social Media

Follow CACParis (@CACParis) on Facebook for the opportunity to learn important information on keeping children in your community safe. Then, share our posts with your friends and family to help raise awareness and use #istandup. Here are some sample posts to join the conversation: 

Sample Facebook Posts 

§  April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month! Stand Up for Children! We all make a difference when it comes to protecting children. How will you stand up?

  • In the state of Texas, everyone is a mandated reporter of child abuse. Please remember that suspicion of abuse is all that is necessary to file a report. Your information can be given anonymously. You will be asked to describe your concerns about the child. It will be helpful if you can provide the child's name, age, address, gender, school attending, and names of parents. If you don't have all of that, provide all the information you can. Call 1-800-252-5400 if you suspect abuse, or call 911. 
  • In 2017, CAC Paris served more than 200 children and their non-offending family members. Since opening in 1991, more than 3,800 children and non-offending family members have found justice and hope at the Center.
  • Not all heroes wear capes. Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of child abuse. Visit http://www.cacparis.org/index.php/resources/signs-of-abuse
  • If you want to save the world, start by saving one kid.  Learn more at http://www.cacparis.org/index.php/resources
  • TALK to your child. Talking about personal safety is an on-going dialogue, not a single event.
  • Child abuse can be a difficult topic to talk about. Be brave enough to learn the signs and start the conversation. You are enabling others with the courage needed to speak up. You are changing the world.


The Hope Floats balloon release supports the CAC mission of promoting hope, healing and justice. In spite of bad things that happen to kids, we work so that their hope will always “float”!  Here are photos from our 2017 Hope Floats event:



Photos taken by Bill Higgins